The next time you kill a bottle of wine, use it as a candle holder for your Wine Cork Candles. Step by step instructions for making this wine cork wreath gift. Greeting Card Making Candle In A Jar Gift Wine Cork Wreath Lipstick Holder View this Design. While natural cork has long been the primary material used to make wine stoppers, synthetic stoppers, screw tops. How To Make Couples Halloween Costumes » Make A Bundt Cake Candle » Making Oyster Stew. These realistic-looking cork candles will certainly make a statement.

Wine Cork Candle A fun way to spice up any room and show your love for wine, wine cork candles rest on top of your used wine bottles and look exactly like the original stopper. Step by step instructions for making this wine cork gift box. How to Make a Wine Cork Candle Holder {repurpose} This trash to treasure project couldn?t be more simple or look more inviting. How to Make a Wine Bottle Candle Holder; How to Convert a Wine Bottle to a Tealight. Tube Lamp or a Tube Lamp with Flame Protector Gift Set; 2. Wine Cork Candles Make Unique Gifts. by chinina on Oct 05, 2009. Colonial women offered America’s first contribution to candle making.
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